Are you living LOHAS?

Published:2021-10-19 05:08:57 By: Nohea


The name comes from an acronym which stands for "Life Style of Health and Sustainability". We’re referring to those people who are particularly paying attention to environmental protection, reason why everyday they choose to live in a sustainable way, adopting healthy choices and respecting the surrounding environment.

They also love to volunteer, spend quality time with their families and travel. In this regard, we speak of sustainable tourism, characterized by a close link between respect for nature and tourist activity. LOHAS travelers are fully committed to sustainability and are more likely to opt for more unusual destinations, also driven by the curiosity to learn about new worlds and cultures.

There are several locations in the world, defined as eco-sustainable tourism destinations. Here below we recommend our top 3:

  • Santo Stefano di Sessanio: an italian village located in the Gran Sasso National Park hosting a multi-building hotel called Sextantio, famous for enhancing the Italian cultural heritage and offering work opportunities to the various commercial activities in the area. The hotel uses recycled architectural materials and offers 0 km cuisine, along with a variety of nature excursions.

  • Bocas del Toro: located 32 km from Costa Rica, it is an archipelago made up of 6 islands and many others of smaller size. It is the ideal destination if you want to avoid mass tourism and you're looking for some peace and tranquility. Here you can restore yourself in the middle of nature or snorkel in its crystal clear waters. 

  • Giethoorn: a village in the Netherlands, also known as "the Venice of the North". It is characterized by the absence of roads and the only presence of wooden bridges and canals. For this reason you won't see any cars: inhabitants and tourists can only move on foot or by bicycle, in full respect of the surrounding environment. 

The LOHAS way of living is not a trend, but a well-conscious choice that significantly affects what we buy, how we make purchases or embark on a new journey.

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