Our company

Nohea is a new, 100% Made in Italy reality of the fashion industry specialized in swimwear and underwear collections and beach accessories. Nohea was born three years ago, when a young entrepreneur from Milan, and a young Bocconi graduate decided to put on the market a new, innovative yet chic and elegant product. Nohea is born with a new approach to the market that could differentiate from already established brands in its

- Concept

- Innovative pulse

- Attention to sustainability


The peculiarity of the majority of Nohea’s products is found in the revolutionary “2 in 1”. “2 in 1” is a line of swimsuits that can be worn as monokinis or as bikinis, depending on personal preference. This peculiar product is designed for women with dynamic lives, who want to have fun with water sports and other beach activities, and later be able to go for a sunset happy hour on the beach or sunbathe all afternoon letting their sun get sun-kissed.

Innovative pulse

Nohea’s swimwear and underwear collections are an innovative design that is made of new textiles which are able to adapt to the body’s curves and to resist to chlorine, sun oils and sunscreens. Nohea’s textiles are also a good ally against humidity, added quality that makes these stylish products perfect for sports and beach activities.

Sustainability and green economy

Sustainability is a valued quality by all of Nohea’s team members. Green economy and attention to the environment are shown by the use of ECONYL®., a high performance, compact, covering and elastic regenerated, sustainable nylon fibre in order to warrant a perfect fit that will adapt to every movement of the body.