Blå Lagunen: a Swedish paradise

Published:2021-12-25 12:04:00 By: Nohea

Blå Lagunen is not a natural lake, but a flooded gravel pit of about ten hectares with a bathing beach. The lake is framed by a forest on the edge of the island of Munsö, and is only separated from Lake Mälaren by a very narrow strip of land. The sandy beach is around 100 metres long and almost 50 metres wide and is left in its natural state. The area is located in a nature reserve and is very popular especially among those who like picnics or spending afternoons with friends or family. The water of Blå Lagunen is crystal-clear, making the lake a go-to destination for immersions or water activities lovers. This place is well-known in Sweden because of the thin sand, the white rocks and the blue water that create a breathtaking view. The bathing place is not equipped, there are no bars, showers or restrooms.

For those who do not like to spend all day at the beach, at the Blå Lagunen there are several trails in the middel of nature, a way to appreciate the relaxation, the silence of the woods and even some animals that could be encounter along the way.

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