Cala Estreta: a corner of paradise on the Costa Brava

Published:2022-02-19 21:10:25 By: Nohea

Today we discover one of the most beautiful and enchanting beaches of the Costa Brava. We are talking about Cala Estreta, located in the municipality of Palamós in the Baix Empordà region.
Oriented towards the southeast, pines and cliffs are the backdrop to this beautiful beach that takes the form of a double crescent graced by the presence of a large central rock. The fine golden sand makes the water particularly crystalline. Every place, both on land and in the sea, that is enclosed in this inlet is worth exploring in every corner.

Another point of interest of the beach is the old fishermen’s hut, located in one of its ends: it is a structure described in a document of the sixteenth century, despite the suspicion that the current one probably dates back to the last century. It has been recovered by the municipality and it is possible to request its use for one day.
The only way to reach this beautiful beach is a long walk starting from Playa el Castell, but it is worth it!

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