Vaahdoo: the beach of stars

Published:2021-12-07 20:35:49 By: Nohea

The Maldives is a popular destination that many people dream of visiting at least once in their life. It is a place known for its crystal clear waters, exotic weather and dream beaches, that always amazes tourists with all its beauties.

One of these is the Vaadhoo beach in the atoll of Raa, which at night seems to transport tourists into a fairytale dimension. What made this place famous is bioluminescence: a phenomenon consisting of living organisms radiating light through chemical reactions. In fact, from July to February, this beach is populated with phytoplankton: microorganisms that can usually be found in plankton.  At night, when they are carried ashore by the waves, they settle on the sand illuminating the beach with blue lights that are so bright that look like LEDs. The beach of Vaadhoo is also known as "the beach of stars", mainly because the phenomenon of bioluminescence creates the illusion of fusion between sea and sky.

In addition to being amazing to watch, the presence of these microorganisms is extremely positive: to live, phytoplankton need balance in their natural environment and an absolute lack of pollution in the water.

This place, however, can offer unique experiences also in the light of the day. Vaadhoo Beach is one of the favored destinations for diving enthusiasts thanks to its sea bottom,  rich in corals, fish, turtles and sea sponges.

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