Agiosd Stefanos: cliffs, islands, and ruins

Published:2022-01-18 11:16:38 By: Nohea

Corfu is an island off the north-western coast of Greece distinguished by the seaside resorts along the coast. Like all the islands in the Ionian Sea, it is a true paradise that hosts 33 beaches that have received the blue flag, among which we find Agios Stefanos, one of the most beautiful. Not far from Kefalos, Agiosd Stefanos is a beach suitable for anyone. It is characterized by a wide coastline mostly sandy and limestone cliffs that rise vertically. It is bathed by clean and transparent water, in which the sun is reflected when it sets on the horizon. The beach is equipped with umbrellas and sunbeds, making it suitable also for families with children. Overlooking the sea, there are some ruins of Christian churches from the fifth century. The remains of the mosaics, columns, and baptisteries create an engaging atmosphere. Not far from the beach is the island of Agiosd Stefanos, easily accessible by swimming, on which stands a white church with an intense blue roof.

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