Monterosso: the heart of Liguria

Published:2022-01-22 10:21:04 By: Nohea

Monterosso al Mare is an ancient village between Punta Mesco and the island of Tinetto, it is the most western town of the Cinque Terre. It is located close to hills covered with vineyards and olive trees, framing the landscape. The beaches, wonderful cliffs, landscapes, and crystal clear waters make this city one of the most welcoming and popular in Liguria. The simple access has made Monterosso the most populous town of the Cinque Terre and also the one with a wider offer of places, restaurants, and bars where you can try the typical dishes of local cuisine. In Monterosso, there is one of the most beautiful beaches in Liguria, the beach of Fegina. It is the largest and most accessible of the Cinque Terre and is also the only sandy one. Monterosso, in addition to beautiful landscapes and walks on the sea also offers an architectural heritage. At the end of the promenade, a tunnel allows the passage to the old village of Monterosso, where you can admire the church of San Giovanni Battista, the oratory of Santa Croce, and the church of San Francesco.

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